Welcome to Fables with Jess, come take a look at her twisted tales and gruesome stories. Follow the link to her Facebook, Twitter and Instagram for more stories to feast your eyes upon.

Jess Bagnall is a creative, imaginative and original writer. Join her as she blows your mind with the twisted contents of hers. Get ready for horrific thrills and nasty surprises as she takes you deep into her nightmare tales…

Preview to some of her latest WIP’s and links to new news, interact via comments, she not shy to answer questions and interact freely with you, her fans.

She takes suggestions for the next tale. it doesn’t have to be a tale, You can email picture prompts and see her work her twisted magic, watch the horror come to life if you’re daring enough…

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“Hi Jess.
I was enthralled at how you took a fairy tale and rewrote it. It looks like fun; I’ve never tried that. I like your descriptions of the creepy reapers, too. I’m eager to read the rest of the story – if this is going to be part of a larger piece. You could easily expand it to make it one, I think. You seem to be on a roll!
Happy Writing!
Linda”                                    ~ Read the story Linda is talking about by clicking her name…

Another from Linda;

“I thought it might be leading into a longer story. It makes a great start for one! I look forward to seeing a book that contains it in its entirety.”


Hi Jess,
A swashbuckling good time! I felt a part of the story with your burly, vivid descriptions that surround Hansel throughout. You’ve written such a unique first chapter of your fantasy. I like your characterization.     ~Read the story Marlene is talking about by clicking her name…


This is one of the best written pieces I have read. Very clear and precise. Wonderful job. Didn’t find anything that needs editing. All the best for the story. 🙂

~Read the story Nidhi is talking about by clicking her name…




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